Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy books or have a trade-in program?

No, we do NOT buy books from customers or offer store credit for trade-ins. We buy our inventory from various sources including wholesale lots. Doing so allows us to keep our prices low and our inventory filled with in-demand items.

Do you accept book donations?

Yes, we do accept donations. Because we are a for-profit company, donations made to A Novel Idea Book Parlor are NOT tax-deductible. You donations do support a locally owned independent book store. We do appreciate your support if you decide to donate to us. 

Do you accept returns?

No, all purchases are final. Please, examine and evaluate your desired purchases thoroughly before buying.

What are your hours?

Both our Sunset and Ogden locations are open 11 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

Do you ship your products?

No, we sell exclusively through our retail locations.

Do you have a database I can browse of the book/DVDs you have in stock?

No, we do not have a database of the items we have in stock. We are currently exploring options to adopt in the near future.  

Both of our locations are fairly new (Sunset opened May 2018 and Ogden opened April 2019). As such, we have organized the majority of our store's shelves. If you are looking for a specific title, we are happy to check our shelves to see if we have it in stock. Additionally, we have a request form you can fill out in-store; if the title you're looking for comes in, we can reach out to you then. 


Return/Exchange Policy
We do NOT accept returns. Please, examine & evaluate your purchases thoroughly before buying.

We do NOT allow exchanges on any product except in the case of un-playable DVDs.

Unplayable DVD Exception Policy

We try to check all DVDs for play-ability issues at checkout (scratches, cracks, etc.). When we find issues on discs we sell, we offer a complimentary DVD resurface/cleaning. In the event that you take a DVD home from our store and find it does not play, please, bring it back to us for a complimentary resurface/cleaning. At that time, we will test it on one of our DVD players. If the disc continues to be unplayable, we generally will allow a courtesy exchange/refund. We reserve the right to decline this courtesy exchange/refund if we believe a customer is intentionally circumventing our return/exchange policy.

We want you, our customers, to be happy. This policy is in place as a courtesy to honest customers that have legitimate issues with our products.

Bathroom Policy

Bathrooms in our stores are for customers & staff only. Please, be courteous and do not leave a mess in our bathrooms.